Union of core enterprises include:

  1. Shenzhen Ansen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
  2. Shenzhen Efei Lighting Co., Ltd
  3. Shenzhen Fontop Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
  4. Shenzhen Guangshang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd
  5. Shenzhen Huaqi Source Energy Technology Co., Ltd
  6. Shenzhen Pu Shengyuan Lighting Co. Ltd
  7. Shenzhen General elite Network Inc
  8. CNOOC Energy Technology Co., Ltd
  9. Shenzhen Flag Culture Limited co., Ltd
This among them, almost all LED production enterprises in the export are doing well, most of the enterprises will now high-quality products to the domestic market. Ansen lighting as the Alliance launched one of the core enterprise, is the export to the domestic representative.The success of the company products for overseas, such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia and other countries, America famous interior lighting project to provide quality products and services. There are luxury stores world-class Hermes, LV, GUCCI and other design brand shop. Can be said to have achieved very good results in the overseas market.