525December 29, 2015 , by the China LED lighting Champions League held a grand ” foreseeable future ” Forum , China LED lighting OEM / ODM Suppliers Fair in Shenzhen Bao Cube Hotel . Held the same day as well as in 2015 China LED lighting Champions League Annual Conference , ” a single product champion award ” ceremony , Huang , general manager of Technology Co., Ltd. the right to market Shenzhen Semiconductor lighting as business representatives were invited to attend .



China LED lighting industry gathering 20 outstanding executives and major international distributors , well-known experts and scholars , LED lighting business executives , technical director , distributors , contractors and other industry professionals, LED lighting for a single product positioning and business development breakthrough , market and technology trends and the future trend of other major issues were discussed, and awarded the ” single product champion award” outstanding performance over the past year in the LED industry segments single product applications, products , technology, channels and other enterprises , set the industry model and benchmark , in order to promote the industry sustained and healthy development.

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