2014 LED lighting exhibition  will in Sept 26-28th in Canton Fair.

Ansen Lighting LED Par Series of products at the high LED show.
Ansen lighting is a main business as the field of LED lighting company. In the first half of 2011 has been mainly to foreign trade, from the second half of 2011 began to open up the domestic market.At the first half of 2014, Ansen lighting sales have have 70% from the domestic market. So can successfully do a good job of the domestic market of course is based on high-quality products.According to the Ansen lighting general manager Li Tingshuai: “in the high LED show, will carry six LED commercial lighting products, respectively PAR30, PAR20, PAR30 COB, MR16, GU10, AR111.”
Ansen lighting is most proud of the product is LED PAR30, the product from 2013 up to now has about 50000000 of sales. LED PAR has become a veritable lamp family single product champion.
It is understood that the product uses the integrated lens has a unique three-dimensional optical lens design, and flexible angle swap, reduce because of the angle is not appropriate to cause the customer to buy again.
The appearance of all products can not see screws, completely from the perspective of consumers to design, do not understand the lights man, took up all know is a boutique.
In the internal aspect of technology, using  – ultra quiet, life up to 70000 hours; the products are unique thermal protection design, more than 90 degrees automatically start over temperature protection, auto power off, so as to avoid fire, below 75 degrees back to work, to ensure the safety of the product.This product is available in three colors, white, black, white & golden, black lamp body is suitable for the vast majority of decoration design style provide personalized choice.”Our products significantly to high light effect is equivalent to two times the general products. According to the biological phototropism, with Ansen lighting products store, store traffic increases greatly, thus improve the turnover rate.” Li Tingshuai proudly told reporters.
As is known to all, the domestic commercial lighting field competition is very intense, in this environment, Ansen lighting LED PAR30 can make a single product champion nature has its attractions, let us in the LED Lighting Exhibition on September 26-28 a look at.