Project Description

Project Information

  • Location – Oslo , Norway
  • Customers – Volkswagen
  • Area – 1600 square meters


“The light really energy efficiency, only 8-9 watts/m2 ,” Mr. Ruse Profit – The head of Volkswagen showcase comments Ansen lighting products . As a high-end car showroom , Ansen proposal the min lux output is 750lux as basic lighting,   every car model should 2000lux to highlight the car.each show car needs to reach 2000lux beam. Ansen down light with 4000K and CRI>80  is the most suitable to show the car’s color temperature.  Ansen ‘s products fully meet the German public to 4S sales showrooms lighting standards . The showcase lighting designed by Lightmakers AS, Ansen lighting Norway partners implemented. All the exhibition hall about 1600 square meters.

Photo: Boris
  • Unique glare at the design, installation is particularly large shopping plaza , offers a casual shopping environment glare light conditions Required
  • Magnesium alloy radiator , heat dissipation performance of the LED lamps to play to the best
  • High-efficiency external power supply , the implementation of constant voltage and current module separated from the fundamental solution to the heat problem with the power to further improve the reliability and stability of the lamp , so as to effectively guarantee the LED ‘s long life
  • Light body with integrated , modular design, maintenance easier
  • Dimming control system can be customized according to user requirements scheme
  • Lighting has a number of invention patents and utility model patents
  •  Stereo optical design of integration
  •  Adopt ultra-silence LED maglev fan, without any noise
  • Over temperature protection design, prevent high temperature flammable.

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