Project Description

Project Information

  • Location – Sylt , Germany
  • Customers – Helena
  • Area – 1000 square meters


“High -quality  clothes producer ” – this is first sentence when Carl, Helena VP meet Ansen Tishon.” What I want is enthusiastic atmosphere, which is Sylt person style .” To make the scene more natural, For the perfect spot to set up a unique furniture and accessories , we have adopted a XF series par light and tracking lights as main lighting product. We use the newest color reproduction technology OSRAM LED light source ( CRI 95 ) to ensure the costumes are best presented to the customer . ” Perfect show the true color ” – Mr. Carl evaluation.

Photo: Jens Schmidt

Related Products

  • Unitary lens having a unique optical design perspective . 
  • Imported LED dedicated maglev fan – ultra-quiet , life ( 70,000 hours ) .
  • Unique design overtemperature protection : over 90 degrees automatic startup protection , restoration work less than 75 degrees .
  • Unique design, the outside is less than a screw splicing
  • Light decay, pure light color , no ghosting, color is good .
  • Appearance of three colors are white , black , gold Tyrant . White, black, light body suitable for most interior design styles. Tyrant gold offer personalization options .
  • Flexible interchangeable lens angle , reduce inappropriate because of the angle causing customers to buy again .
  • High central brightness , a light two lamps can top the market . Enhance the overall brightness , high brightness store , according to biology with phototropism . Greatly increased store traffic .
  • Professional replace traditional electronic energy-saving lamps , commonly used in recessed downlights bracket.
  • Light decay, pure light color , no ghosting, color is good .
  • Appearance generous high-grade ivory white , LED BR30 bulbs save 50% more than conventional bulbs and energy saving lamps

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