Project Description

Project Information

  • Guangzhou, China
  • Fairy Doll Plaza
  • 500㎡

Project Details

Tianhe District, Guangzhou Children’s Fairy Doll Plaza lighting case. Ansen adopt 300pcs 45w professional version PAR30PRL3( 3000k, CRI>80,24°)  with par light bracket and 50pcs BR Lamp with wide beam angle for ambient lighting.

Related Products

  • High lumen maintenance, pure light without any shadow
  • Excellent anti-fog and moisture-proof properties
  • High power factor and high efficiency driver
  • Professional replace traditional electronic energy-saving lamps , commonly used in recessed par lights bracket.
  •  Stereo optical design of integration
  • Adopt ultra-silence LED maglev fan, without any noise
  • Perfect appearance without trace of screw splicing
  • Over temperature protection design, prevent high temperature flammable.

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