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  • Shenzhen, China
  • 120㎡

Project Details

Ansen lighting and benefits Baolong Hotel equipment Products Co., Ltd. of Yan Yan AU creative arts exhibition venue exhibition offers a large kitchen lighting solutions for The 9th China ( Shenzhen ) International Industry Fair.” Yan Union Hotel Cultural Industry Park venue ” by the Shenzhen- Baolong hotel equipment supplies Limited. As China’s only national , international, comprehensive cultural industry fair to Expo and trading as its core , to build China’s cultural products and projects trading platform to promote and boost China’s cultural industry development , and actively promote Chinese cultural products to the world. To highlight the kitchen settle noble choice in color temperature to 6200K as well. Kitchenware and other characteristics are mainly big-ticket items , lamps, track lighting choice , flexibility to adjust the lighting.Casual seating area with warm 3000K

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  • Tracking light bracket, connect with led par light.
  • Can be fixed the led par light.
  • Professional replace traditional electronic energy-saving lamps , commonly used in recessed downlights bracket.
  • Light decline, pure light color , no ghosting, good color rendering .
  • Appearance with generous high-grade ivory white , LED BR30 bulbs save 50% more than conventional bulbs and energy saving lamps

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