Our CEO lighting designer Tishon Lee will bring a series of light source, lamp series exhibition, are the domestic single goods sales champion LED PAR30 45W, “PAR30 COB”, PAR20, MR16, GU10, G12, AR111 series of light.
PAR lamp series people-oriented design concept, in the internal technology, using imported special LED maglev fan – ultra quiet, lifespan up to 70000 hours; the products are unique thermal protection design, more than 90 degrees automatically start over temperature protection, auto power off, so as to avoid fire, below 75 degrees back to work, to guarantee the product safety the.
High power LED lamp series, and in small power ultra thin down light. Will show in Las Vegas America lighting exhibition in 2015 February 2426, welcome you to see its presence. PAR series of products PAR38 is coming.
2012 general designer Lee, the concept of people-oriented, in response to the country’s energy-saving emission reduction. In order to replace the ceramic metal halide lamp light source, the chief designer of General Lee closed a month, drank three bottles of 82 years of French red wine, the final design of amorphous PAR30 structure, according to the Japanese production process, the appearance can not see a screw and connected.
Years before PAR30 45W light source officially listed, and quickly established the leading position in the domestic market of PAR30. Became LED PAR30 single goods sales champion. After a year of expansion of PAR30 COB, PAR20, MR16, GU10, G12, AR111 series of light launched city.
PAR38 will be the Ansen lighting another outstanding masterpiece. Dealers are you ready?
Electric lighting industry in 2014 is coming, with different cable electric model in die. Successful beauty appliances household electric extension door open, he combined his sales channels is successfully landed in O2O e-commerce. At the same time, intelligent lighting such as the present spring bamboo shoots.
Alibaba September 19th testimony in NYSE formally to IPO, the amount of financing the 25000000000 summit the world’s largest IPO, surpassed Facebook to become the second largest Internet Co after Google. Electric subsequently in the domestic like volcano waterfall of hair.
Since the second half of 2014, we have been looking forward to the season did not come. On the contrary, lighting industry is riddled with failures, escape and negative news, let many manufacturers jittery. In addition to part of the advance on the current macro environment to accurately predict and make full preparation of the brand, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises and businessmen in urgent need of a breakthrough. And the breakthrough, the need for looking at the product and channel mode field, O2O talent showing itself at this time.
We can have a look at the changes in the channel aspect. In recent years, the development of electronic commerce strongly impact on the upstream enterprises and downstream distributors, the entire lighting industry in the traditional channel every day listening to “wolf” story. In this case, the root of 2014 lighting market performance dull by some manufacturers “forced” to an “electric” to the body. However, a rational view of the face of the current lighting industry channel market problems and confusion, we will find that, the change has quietly sprouting, only to be broke.
Budding channel change in where? Collision and exploration and manufacturers in the business on the road.
Whether it is Philips HUE, or Li Jiacheng investment LED lamps, or millet launched YEELIGHT, the brand in the minds of consumers through the mass influence, quickly LED lighting products image into the consumer’s mind, and has a large number of fans. After having the role model, the subsequent began to advance wave upon wave. Even if the subsequent cannot build “explosion models” of the same type, but they saw the powerful role of the Internet, through the Internet and electronic commerce, through the “double eleven”, obtain the traditional channels can not imagine the sales, so as to form a strong impact to the traditional channel pattern.
However, “zero total loss”. Electronic commerce for the China lighting industry, is unable to reflect the “experience” and “service” value. So, how to make the Internet a strong sales skills and traditional channel intact experience service function combination? “O2O” to the oncoming.
Of course, O2O is not perfect. At first, LED lighting can not be recognized, now still popular in the land of china. So, as a member of China lighting industry, each manufacturer should be open and inclusive attitude to face the “O2O”, because the development of the industry of mobile internet change new channels of bud is inevitable!